1. Why a video intercom system?

  • A video intercom system provides you with security and protection. You never have to wonder who is at your front door again. With our Entryvue systems you are able to view and communicate with the person outside of your door without physically opening the door.

  • All of our video intercom monitors are equipped with touch screen capabilities, picture memory and are compatible with CCTV security cameras adding extra protection to our already secured systems.

2. Why Entryvue?

  • Entryvue is a leading brand name for state of the art, reliable and easy to install video intercom systems.

  • All of our systems are backed with 1 year warranty.

  • We offer great customer service and technical support.

  • We offer quality, durability, and top of the line merchandise.

  • We have the variety of many different accessories available.

3. Can I install the intercom myself?

  • Yes. All of our systems come with an installation guide making it user friendly and easy for both installers and customers to set up. Our VD-950 and RK systems only require 2 wires for set up. All you need is to connect two wires to the power supply (included) and from the power supply to the monitors and door stations. We offer technical support, typically available right away, if not within 24 hours of service call.

  • All user manuals are available in our website for easy download.

4. Can I replace an audio intercom system for an Entryvue Video Intercom system?

  • Yes, our VD-950 single family home system and RK apartment system only require 2 wires for set up. This is ideal when replacing an existing audio system. Not only our 2 wire systems are convenient for set up, they significantly reduce the cost of wire.

5. Why not wireless systems?

  • All of our systems need to be hardwired. We offer reliable, high quality systems that cannot be compared to the unreliable quality of wireless systems. Wired systems offer a reliable video signal, which you can rarely achieve through wireless.

  • With a wired system, you can:
    Receive a clear picture from the door station;
    Release the door from the indoor monitors;
    Add additional surveillance CCTV cameras to monitor different areas;
    Keyless entry;
    Forward the call to your cell phone;
    Great visibility of guests at darkness.